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Your Guides - Dave and Lisa Mapes

Lisa MapesDave and Lisa have been running dogs for over 14 years, loving dogs for a lifetime and providing remote wilderness excursions for over 30 years with their summer 7 - 10 day horse pack trips. They easily bring their love of the wilderness and the dogs to your tour.

Dave MapesDave and Lisa consider their animals family, which makes for a rather large family consisting of 58 sled dogs and various adopted town dogs, 26 horses, 2 llamas, 3 rescue cats (believe me, the cats were rescued and have worked it out with the dogs!), 2 rats, 1 bird, 1 tarantula and 4 humans.

Lisa MapesDave and Lisa and their human children Ayla and Merlin enjoy working with novice and experienced mushers. People from all over the world have enjoyed Cosmic Cruiser sled dog tours. Ages 1 - 81 have come from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Australia, Africa, China, France, Peru, and Ohio. So come join the fun!

Dave Mapes


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